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Hello, welcome to the Dillahunty Family site.
I currently am the "owner" for dillahunty.com, dillahunty.net and dillahunty.org. (I was tired of non-Dillahunty folks collecting them).
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Williams Robert from Houston, TX (married to a Dillahunty) has put together some genealogy information that covers a bunch of the Dillahunty clan. Please contact Robert or I with questions, corrections or additions to any of this data. We’ve managed to help several people get in touch with long-lost friends and relatives over the previous few years.

Web Interface to the Family Tree

A web based interface to allow you to explore, search and manipulate the GED data. You can view relationships and chase your personal relations. Personally identifiable data for living family members is hidden for privacy reasons.

John Dillahunty and Baptist Origins in Nashville

Robert has also prepared a neat report giving a lot of the history of the early Dillahunty family. Did you know your family helped form one of the largest religious denominations in the U.S.?

This file has been updated as of February 2019 with new information regarding the missing tombstones.

Download GED file

Please contact me or Robert for a copy of the master GED file.

Family Happenings

I am happy to post various family news items here… if you have a “happening” that involves Dillahunty’s far and wide, pass it on to me and I’ll see about putting it up.

Grumpy Condor

Bruce Dillahunty is getting a CNC based woodworking business spun up - and blogging about it. Sign up for free weekly emails.

Ideah Agency

Deah (Dillahunty) Chisenhall—has started a marketing creative services agency.

Darla Baerg

Darla (Dillahunty) Baerg is a great public speaker and is starting a speaking ministry.


You may contact Robert Williams for more information on the Dillahunty Family Tree, or to add to his great genealogical work.

To contact me, send email.